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Get the Web Party Started - Method Development (formerly WhettStone) launches new website

Okay, so just like so many others... we get bogged down in day-to-day business and don't have time to work on our own website.  Once we decided to rebuild our site, EXCITEMENT spills over -- can't wait to get started!  But as we begin to layout the site and pull together design elements... NOTHING is good enough!!  FRUSTRATION with design concepts... but finally weeks later we come up with that PERFECT website design... WHOO HOO!!

...and then begins the PAINFUL process of evaluating what content/pages do we want to carry over or rewrite.  Sound familiar, we all experience it when we build a new website!

This time around we were fortunate enough to use our simple website editor - WebHornet to help with the heavy website lifting.  Although, yes, my team has a background in website design and programming, we did not need to bother our software developers to build this website.  Did I just give my own product a testimonial... yes, I think I did.  With a little bit of graphic work and a small amount of styling (CSS), we were able to create a clean, easy to navigate, good looking website!   Now you be the judge... no Simon Cowells' please.  P.S. and did I mention no programmer needed ;)

Over the last couple of weeks, we joined GROW Nebraska and have some potential customers calling... and I really want to get the site launched, BUT I still need to add testimonials, content, website samples, etc.  My developers are pushing, "Launch the site!!  Do more updates after launch..." and they are right so here we go...

Regardless of what anyone thinks of our new website design, layout, content, etc. ... I want to CELEBRATE this little victory with a much needed cocktail... here's to a job well done!  Cheers!

If you need help getting started on a website facelift for your business or hobby website, contact us today!