15 Years in Review

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15 Years in Review

Category: Custom Software Tag: #Website Development #Software Developer #Custom Software Published 2020-06-02

Back on March 9th of this year (2020), Method Development celebrated 15 years of building software for local and national businesses and nonprofits. In our 15 years, here are just a few thoughts and things we have learned that have helped in our success:

Happy Birthday

Relationships are Key

We have learned that building long-term relationships with our customers is key to finding good solutions for them. We see how their business operates by working with owners and key employees to understand their needs and make decisions on software features. On any given week, sometimes we are in customer offices more than our own (back when we were working in offices)!

Software should evolve as your organization's needs change. Our customers benefit from talking with a real live Method Develop Project Manager to discuss growth and challenges to make sure their software does not become stale.

Quality Software Matters
When your users visit your website, web app or mobile app, they expect your software to work bug free. When it doesn't, the user is likely to walk away or give you a bad review. We consider testing to be a critical part of our software development life cycle. Our testing procedures - both manual and automated, produce quality software that make us stand apart from our competition.

Full end-to-end testing is part of every project before launch. When changes are planned to live software, regression testing is just as critical to avoid defects in unexpected areas of the software. Software Testers have become a true asset to software companies and their customers. We send love to our testers often!

Show and Tell - The Agile Way
You may have heard us say that we use an Agile approach. What does this mean? If you design software upfront and only see the software when it is completed, there is a big chance that your vendor may have missed the mark. We find developing in smaller iterations and showing you the software development progression is important to building the product you want. We also find frequent feedback from your organization can better shape the final outcome.

The nice thing about agile is it can be adapted to suit most any workflow, we have found over the years the right mix of what you need to know up front vs. what you can learn as you go to make the product the right fit.

Why We Build Software
Our team has a true passion for designing solutions with software. When we hear about the challenges an organization faces, we truly enjoy working with them to figure how they can use software to create business workflows to resolve issues. Software can automate so many mundane tasks that take up time in your work day.

When we aren't building software for other businesses, we tend to experiment with -or- build software products and solutions for ourselves. Bulk email sending, website builders (before they common place), encrypted file share, and mobile apps …what will be next?!? We can't wait to find out!

As we look back on these 15 years, we are grateful to our customers who let us do what we love to do every day - design and build software!

Cheers & Thank You!
Method Development