Database Design

Database design is an important part of every software system build. A poorly structured database will cause slow system performance and user frustration. Our team follows industry standards including relational database structure, organized field naming, and proper indexing. Method's years of experience have made us experts at designing and building databases for our customers.

Designed With Your Business in Mind

A properly designed database can be the cornerstone of a comprehensive business strategy. Eliminating duplicates, helping ensure accuracy and completeness, and designing a database to support your short and long-term data needs are all key components of good database design.

Method Development works with businesses to help determine what will work best by considering the following:

  • What will the database(s) be used for?
  • Where is the information coming from?
  • What types of reports or other output are required from this data and how often?
  • Is there legacy data? How clean is it?
  • How is the information related, if at all?
  • How many users need access to this data?

Optimizing Output

Superior database design offers many advantages, including increased performance, reduced data storage requirements, data integrity, easier data access, and longevity. Too often, databases get designed haphazardly and when problems arise, and it can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to course correct.  While it isn’t possible to foresee everything a business may require, Method Development works closely with you and your team to carefully consider the design, development, and maintenance of your customer or product databases.

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Database Tools

  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Data Collection Forms
  • Custom Reports with Filtering
  • Query Systems
  • Exports - CSV, Excel, Json via Rest API