Software Security

We've all heard the headlines – data breaches, ransomware attacks, malware infections – almost daily. At Method Development, software security practices aren't an afterthought, they're a discipline built into our software development lifecycle to reduce vulnerabilities from the start. Our experts combine secure software practices with the latest access control methods to help protect you and your customers.


Encryption is a key element to protection and ensures unintended parties aren’t able to access or read your data. Method Development offers solutions for data in motion and data at rest encryption. Our cryptography experts leverage both symmetric and asymmetric encryption, as well as hashing algorithms, to design the best security solutions for your business.

Access Control

Using role-based access control is another critical element for data security. This type of control ensures only authorized individuals have access to sensitive data and/or certain permissions, helping prevent even accidental security breaches by employees.

Multi-factor Authentication

Usernames and passwords are vulnerable to hackers, but authentication methods, such as 2-step authentication (2fa) using Authenticator apps or SMS, provide an additional layer of security to your login systems. Solutions can be customized based on data sensitivity and user abilities.

What are authentication apps?

Authentication applications such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator, supplement login data with unique, ever-changing codes that are required before a user can securely access an application.