Data Visualization & Data Reporting

Whether you need ad-hoc or scheduled reports, have technical or non-technical users, or just need a visual dashboard of real-time metrics, our reporting software experts can help design the right solution for you.

What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization is the practice of transforming individual pieces of data into a more visual context, such as a graph or chart. It can make data more accessible, understandable and actionable by identifying trends, outliers, and other data patterns.

Bring Your Data to Life

Visually stunning, easy to understand reports, charts and graphs will engage your readers and drive home important KPI’s and highlights. Method Development has experienced report designers ready to bring your data to life. In addition, new technologies and techniques are available to meet a range of reporting needs, including:

  • Data storytelling: spend more time discussing what the data is saying about your business and less time searching and compiling the right metrics
  • Real-time metrics: access data and make decisions in real-time instead of waiting for batches of data to update your reports
  • Mobile access: data on-the-go for mobile devices
  • Integrated reporting: pull from multiple data sources to develop more comprehensive views

Let Method Development put the hard work of extracting and deciphering information behind you so you can focus on the important decisions ahead.

How is Data Visualization different from Data Reporting?

Data visualization looks to derive meaning from the data, while data reporting is more about conveying individual pieces of data without any visual or interpretive overlay.