Data Collection Forms

Our Method

"Our experience in custom software design is diverse. We enjoy learning about our client's business workflows and then we apply creative software solutions to streamline the process."

Michelle Brozek, Method Development

Collecting Data from Customers

When you need to collect information via your website, you need an online data collection form.  Using a data collection form you can gather fields of information from a user visiting your site. 

Here are just a few different types of forms we have created for other customers:

  • Lead Generation
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Contact Information
  • Job Application Forms
  • Scholarship Applications
  • Membership Signup
  • Alumni Information
  • Customer or Employee Feedback Forms
  • Event Registration Forms
  • Surveys

Adding Custom Forms to Your Website

To create a form custom to meet your needs, discuss the data fields you would like to collect with our team.  Once your form is built and launched, you will receive an email alert anytime a visitor submits.  Data will be stored in your database and Method Dev will build back-end tools to view, manage and export your data. Don't forget to promote your online forms in marketing emails and on social media sites to generate more data!