How We Do IT

Our Process

Software Development Meeting

We are committed to the success of our clients, so we strive to bring fresh perspectives, infectious enthusiasm, and a sense of community and partnership to every project. We value a diversity of opinions and the teamwork that ultimately delivers outstanding results.

Our lightweight agile process, developing in smaller iterations and showing your team the software development progression is important to building the product you want. We also find frequent feedback from your organization can better shape the final software solution.

Software Lifecycle

  • Project Managers (PMs)/Product Development Specialists meet with your team to gather specifications and scenarios - data collection forms, workflows, data integration, reports and more.
  • Solution Architects sketch layout designs and flowcharts.
  • PMs and Solution Architects build interactive prototypes and review with your team to gathering feedback
  • Software Engineers and Developers build your software.
  • Quality Software Testers and PMs test software, providing feedback to developers. Developers bug fixes and complete code changes. Retesting occurs.
  • Repeat this process until software is approved and ready to deploy!
  • Our team maintains and evolves the software to grow with your organization.

Website Build Process

When we begin discussing your website layout - here are a few important items to building a functional website:

  • Simple, clean design so users can navigate and find what they are looking for without getting lost in all the clutter.
  • Quick links to Contact Information and a Map to your Location(s)
  • Define your Goals for the website: Informational - Tell the world about your products/services/mission, Sell Products or Services, Capture Leads, Rank higher on the Search Engines - The more we understand your goals, the more we can help!
  • Add Data Collection Forms to call your customers to action! "Call Us", "Contact Us", "Request a Quote", "Apply Online", "Buy Now" or "Start the Conversation"
  • High quality graphics that represent your business or organization - quality graphics will make your site stand out!
  • Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Website - your potential customers are looking at your site via their smart phones and tablets - don't loose them because your site does not work on these types of devices
  • Videos - draw in customers with short, informational and inviting videos
  • Give your customers a reason to COME BACK to your website - blog about industry topics, post events or photos to your website to show "Proof of Life"
  • SEO Services - we plan your SEO strategy as part of the website build process instead of an after thought

If these things are important to you, then let's get started designing a website that will work for your organization.

Once we have specifications ready, our developers build beautiful websites and apps quickly and affordably. We know there are some great free website builders out there, but if you have a business to run and don't have the time to spend setting up a website, we are here to help!

Our Technology

Development Technology - The Stack

Technology is our business. We work hard to remain one step ahead of other IT companies, ensuring our solutions combine the best of what technology has to offer today. As technology changes, we evolve to keep you up to date on advances in the industry and new product offerings. Read more on the technologies we specialize in.

Method Dev Tech Stack

Cloud Hosting

Reliable website and application hosting is critical for users accessing site information and software tools to get the job done. When your software is down, you are losing time and money. Our experts not only build your software but also find the perfect environment to host for critically high uptimes!

Website & App Hosting

DevOps / Operations

DevOps is a collaboration between software developers and operations in all stages of the development lifecycle - bringing together processes, technologies and people to shorten development times and continually provide high quality software to the customer. While DevOps is an old word, it has new life as a flexible, "bottom-up" practice keeping the software engineer needs in mind with key principles of shared ownership, workflow automation, and rapid feedback. Similar to Agile, DevOps takes a plan, develop, deliver, and operate rinse and repeat approach to software product builds.

Agile Practices [Lightweight Agile]

Traditional waterfall methods rely on designing and developing software from a large requirements document, where users only experience the software when it is ready to launch. This method is risky and can make change difficult. Likewise following a strict Agile Software Methodology/approach also has its faults.

To avoid missing the mark, we develop in smaller iterations and show your team the software development progression. We find frequent feedback from your organization can better shape the final software solution. Our years of experience have shown us that an Agile Light or Lightweight Agile approach works best. We follow a development workflow cycle of specification collection, design meetings, small development iterations (sprints), quality software testing, customer review and customer feedback, allow you to see and experience the software development as it comes to life. This helps ensure you're getting the right product for your organization, every time!

Source Control

Our team of Developers use the latest in source control technology to track and manage changes to your application source code. Source control has many benefits including version control, a process to backup versions of old code for reference or restore, and parallel development opportunities so teams of developers can work on the application at the same time.

Backlog Management

Think of your backlog as the roadmap for your product - it is a carefully managed list of tasks required to bring your software vision to life and manage the overall software project. Our team of expert Project Managers prioritize these requirements and oversee their execution throughout the lifecycle of your software project.

Our Mission

At Method Development, our mission is to provide innovative, high-value technology solutions that deliver impressive results to our clients. We hear over and over again how refreshing it is to work with our team, and that's because we understand that while technology needs change over time, our relationships with clients are built to last.