Data Manipulation & Data Migration

The value of data resides in its ability to transform into knowledge and insight. Data should be timely, reliable, accessible and accurate. Our data manipulation and migration services are available to help your business make the most of this valuable asset!

Data Manipulation (Data Scrubbing)

We all know reports are only as good as the data behind them, yet sometimes - despite our best efforts, collected data becomes "dirty data" - rogue data, inaccurate data, incomplete data or inconsistent data. This data can be difficult to make sense of, underserve your organizational needs, and occasionally point you in the wrong direction. Data scrubbing is key to optimizing your data before it shows up in a report or visualization. For example, data conversion of date fields from August 31 to 8/31 -or- removing extra spaces and/or punctuation. We can help clean, consolidate, append information and structure data to produce meaningful information from day one and help steer business operations in the right direction.

Data Migration Strategy

Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) Services - Organizations have been using ETL software, aka data migration software, for decades. Our ETL software and consulting experts work with you to develop the right data migration strategy for your business, build new databases or warehouses, and automatically convert data the way you want. Our ETL software experts have experience delivering modern ETL solutions across a diverse range of industries.

What is an ETL?

Extract Transform Load meaning - ETL is the process of consolidating data from multiple systems and/or formats and making it accessible to users. It refers to the extraction of data from its source(s), the transformation of the data into the right format(s), and the loading of the data into a system for use and analysis.