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File Sharing - Our own solution

I am always sending files to people for both personal use and my small business. My concern however is that my files are not securely transferred when I send them via normal email. (If you’re not worried about this, maybe you should be - just think of someone looking at the files you send to others.  Do you really want just anyone to see them?) So, I thought I would give a shout out to one of my favorite products our company has built - BURNER.LINK.

While I can always login to my online account, the desktop app to make a BURNER.LINK is so fast and simple!  And who has time for slow file transfer these days.

For the week of 1/30/2017 I used my BURNER.LINK account to:

  • Sent my accountant tax documents for my business - (password protected)
  • Send my husband a video file of my daughter dancing (Single use link)
  • Office pics to my husband
  • Sandbox Credit Cards to my contractor for software testing 

Here is a screen shot:

I have used drop box and it is good, but I have to manage it and the interface is not always user friendly.  BURNER.LINK has a simple interface and is quick to use.

Is it okay to love your own product?  Well this one is my favorite!  Hope you enjoy too!