Web Applications

Our web application team combines trusted techniques with emerging technologies to create modern and robust user experiences, completely customized for you and your business. Whether you're looking to create, update or migrate to a web application, our experts are ready to deliver.

Custom Website Applications

We develop web applications unique to your business and its challenges, and the best part is – all you and your employees need is an internet connection. Whether you’re in construction, medical, retail, insurance, manufacturing, government or a nonprofit, we have experience solving business problems in a variety of industries.

Our applications are built with flexibility in mind, so whether it’s a computer, mobile phone, or tablet, our software engineers and UI/UX experts can create a "responsive" or "adaptive" application that will conform to the user’s device.

Converting Desktop to Web Application Architecture

The way we work and live has changed the way we interact with software.  Workforces are increasingly decentralized, and users expect real-time access and automatic software updates.  If you’re still using desktop software for your business, consider the advantages of upgrading to a hosted web application architecture:

  • All web apps are hosted on servers connected to the internet (the cloud), so your users don't need to install software on their desktops to access - they just need a working internet connection.
  • Updates are automatic and do not require installation.
  • Web applications work via a web browser, so they are considered cross-platform compatible and are light on system resources.
  • Need to evolve your app? No problem, web apps are scalable and can be integrated with 3rd party software if an API is available.

Web applications work well for many businesses, especially if your employees work remotely or travel frequently. Organizations have embraced web application development to run core functions of their businesses with its many benefits, it could be the solution you are looking for. 

Web Application Examples

Here are some examples of how you can move your business to a web application architecture:

  • Enterprise workflow:  process automation, tasking, catalogued user communication(s), auditing support
  • Online portals: centralized document access, word processing, file conversion, online material management, user authorization, etc.
  • E-commerce sites: product retail listings, purchasing, auctions, etc.
  • Content management systems: blog posts, podcasts, news portals, video and photo uploading and editing, etc.

What do you want to build? Talk to one of our experts about getting started on a web app for your business!

Our Method

"We take an agile approach to web apps and software. This works well for our customers, they get to see the software as it is being built to make sure we are making their ideas come to life."

Michelle Brozek, President Method Development