Project Profile - 2Evolve Technologies

Our Method

"We take an agile approach to software. This works well for our customers, they get to see the software as it is being built to make sure we are making their ideas come to life."

Michelle Brozek, President Method Development

Review of 2Evolve Technologies Software

Project Description:
In 2018 long term customer 2Evolve Technologies wanted to redesign their CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software). They had looked at Salesforce and a few other CRM software vendors - but decided they wanted to continue with their own custom solution.

The redesigned system was to meet the following goals:

  • Build out a Contract Renewal Business Workflow
  • Add a Tasks/Assignment system for Product Opportunities & Products Sold
  • More advanced searching by Product
  • Faster performance
  • Responsive Layouts

Website Software URL: Internal System


  • Javascript / RiotJs
  • PostgreSQL Database

System Features/Modules:

  • User Manager - Role Assignment, Permission & Behaviors Assignment
  • Dashboard - Task assignment, filtered & keyword searching, access to tools
  • Customer Search & Product Search by Product fields
  • Customer Manager - General Customer Info, Sales User Assignment
  • Multi Location Manager
  • Location Contact Manager
  • Contract Manager - original & renewal of contracts workflow - contract term, signed date, expire dates, file upload
  • Opportunity Manager - grouping products together into Opportunities
  • Product Manager - extensive product fields, dynamic data fields
  • Task Manager - stages of tasks, assignment to user, related files, due dates, & close dates
  • Task Association for bulk updating of tasks
  • System Tools to manage dynamic lists used in forms
  • Data Exports
  • Reporting
  • System Email Notifications


User Dashboard

Product Mangement Screen

Product Management Software

Opportunity Management:

Opportunity Management

Task Management & Bulk Update of Associated Tasks:

Task Management