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15 Years in Review

Category: Custom Software Tag: #Website Development #Software Developer #Custom Software Published 2020-06-02

Back on March 9th of this year (2020), Method Development celebrated 15 years of building software for local and national businesses and nonprofits. In our 15 years, here are just a few thoughts and things we have learned that have helped in our success:

Happy Birthday

Relationships are Key

We have learned that building long-term relationships with our customers is key to finding good solutions for them. We see how their business operates by working with owners and key employees to understand their needs and make decisions on software features. On any given week, sometimes we are in customer offices more than our own (back when we were working in offices)!

Software should evolve as your organization's needs change. Our customers benefit from talking with a real live Method Develop Project Manager to discuss growth and challenges to make sure their software does not become stale.

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Four Keys to Better Software

Category: Custom Software Tag: #Agile #Custom Software Published 2013-10-16

Building custom software can be a big undertaking depending on the requirements of the project. Many times businesses begin building software only to have the project fail because the process was not designed or managed properly. Here are 4 key items you should strive towards when starting a software project to get better software.

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