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Method Dev - 18 Years of Software Development

Not all things last... like the cup in this picture, still my favorite coffee cup of all times - the perfect way you held my piping hot coffee in the morning is missed. Yes, the cup broke after a tragic tumble and battle with a stainless-steel sink at our place of work. As for the laptop in the photo, we had some good days old friend. While I HATE upgrading my most important tool of trade, it was time for a change. With mixed emotions, I replaced my old Dell with a newer, slimmer, gaming laptop that can handle the load of visual studio, database software, photo editing, numerous other apps and of course my favorite RPGs. Click to read on.

Custom Business Workflows

Building custom software can be a big undertaking depending on the requirements of the project. Many times businesses begin building software only to have the project fail because the process was not designed or managed properly. Here are 4 key items you should strive towards when starting a software project to get better software.

ASP.NET Identity w/o Entity Framework

If you prefer to use Entity Framework, more power to you. After developing my SQL skills for years it just feels "odd" to give them up for what I consider minor convenience. I'm sure that this is some sort of holy war discussion that really, I'm not interested in participating in. Given that, there are some of us out here in the wild that don't want to use ORM's like Entity Framework (or any other for that matter, except of course Dapper).   So when I found out that the new security model for ASP.NET called "ASP.NET Identity" had a dependency on EF, I needed a way to remove it.