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Method Dev - 18 Years of Software Development

Not all things last... like the cup in this picture, still my favorite coffee cup of all times - the perfect way you held my piping hot coffee in the morning is missed. Yes, the cup broke after a tragic tumble and battle with a stainless-steel sink at our place of work. As for the laptop in the photo, we had some good days old friend. While I HATE upgrading my most important tool of trade, it was time for a change. With mixed emotions, I replaced my old Dell with a newer, slimmer, gaming laptop that can handle the load of visual studio, database software, photo editing, numerous other apps and of course my favorite RPGs. Click to read on.

10 Years!

Method Dev

Just wanted to say thanks to all of our loyal customers and the great time we have had this last ten years! Hard to believe, but we started with a couple of servers and the will to succeed (or the stubbornness) and we are still cruising.

Method Development Team