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15 Years in Review

Category: Custom Software Tag: #Website Development #Software Developer #Custom Software Published 2020-06-02

Back on March 9th of this year (2020), Method Development celebrated 15 years of building software for local and national businesses and nonprofits. In our 15 years, here are just a few thoughts and things we have learned that have helped in our success:

Happy Birthday

Relationships are Key

We have learned that building long-term relationships with our customers is key to finding good solutions for them. We see how their business operates by working with owners and key employees to understand their needs and make decisions on software features. On any given week, sometimes we are in customer offices more than our own (back when we were working in offices)!

Software should evolve as your organization's needs change. Our customers benefit from talking with a real live Method Develop Project Manager to discuss growth and challenges to make sure their software does not become stale.

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Custom Business Workflows

Category: Custom Software Tag: #Business Workflow Published 2019-05-16

For many businesses, predefined workflow options work well. The software can be adapted to their needs and the need for more specialized customization isn't a vital one. For others, however, the need to have a workflow tailored to their specific needs is important. Business Workflow Let's take a look at why a custom business workflow might be right for your business and what you can expect as you move forward with the process.

What is a custom business workflow?

A custom business workflow, as the name implies, is workflow software that has been built to meet a specific client’s needs. It is custom software, in other words, that is designed to fit a businesses workspace needs perfectly. This is especially useful for “non-traditional” businesses that rely on their workflow to unite team members and guide work tasks daily.

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ASP.NET Identity w/o Entity Framework

Category: Custom Software Tag: Published 2015-07-23

If you prefer to use Entity Framework, more power to you. After developing my SQL skills for years it just feels "odd" to give them up for what I consider minor convenience. I'm sure that this is some sort of holy war discussion that really, I'm not interested in participating in. Given that, there are some of us out here in the wild that don't want to use ORM's like Entity Framework (or any other for that matter, except of course Dapper).   So when I found out that the new security model for ASP.NET called "ASP.NET Identity" had a dependency on EF, I needed a way to remove it.

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